Interested in enhancing your KAYAK experience?

Want to try this growing sport and be SAFE on the water?

Enjoy the water and want to EXPERIENCE WILDLIFE up close?

  • Quality Instruction

    Established in 2014 in the USA, Seabirds International offers quality kayak instruction and a unique experience on the water.

  • Supportive Environment

    We help build your paddlesport skills and confidence in our supportive learning environment where we work with you to develop a successful program of learning that you will come away energized and inspired from.

  • All Skill Levels

    For beginners, intermediates, or those who want to learn more about this growing watersport and how you can improve your technique, Seabirds International is for you!

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  • Kayak enthusiasts
  • Your commitment to incorporating positive language and use of reflective evaluation techniques really helps to create an atmosphere of empowerment. Natasha Hargovan

    I haven’t met a more genuinely dynamic, creative, vivacious and enthusiastic person. Glenn Oceansports

    You are an amazing instructor Andrea! Your joy and enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. It was a real pleasure to meet you and benefit from your knowledge at WOW. Cathey Fogden Murch

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